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When you walk down the aisle on your wedding day, you want everything to be perfect.  And, you’ve probably envisioned your wedding day from the time you were a little girl.  Everything from the flowers, to the glow of the candles, to your beautiful gown, to the music that will set the stage, and to the celebration of the reception is already in your mind.  Now, you just need to find the right people that can bring your vision into reality. 

Janet Lash has over a decade of experience in planning luscious, intimate, elegant, and downright fun weddings. Whatever your vision – Janet can help you achieve it.  So, on your wedding day, you’re the princess you’re supposed to be.  Weddings are about celebrating love and commitment.  AVSO Events would like the honor of planning this momentous event with you.  As you’ll see in the photos below, we take that honor to heart in creating moments that you’ll cherish forever:  

What do you want your guests to feel, see, and experience when they attend your corporate event? Depending on your event, and the image you want to convey, the atmosphere could range from fun and festive, to formal and sophisticated, or to simple elegance. Projecting the right image is not only essential to the event itself, but also to your business. Who do you trust to listen to your ideas and make them happen? AVSO Events has worked with corporations from all over the world in planning their events. We�d love the opportunity to work with you, to listen to your ideas, and to deliver the event that will create the impact you�re after. We invite you to review some of the corporations we�ve worked with, as well as some photos of our corporate events. Your corporate event is important to us, and we�ll work hard to achieve the results you want.

AVSO clients have included:
  • Alza Corporation
  • American Express
  • Applied Materials
  • Arthur Andersen
  • Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison
  • City of Palo Alto
  • City and County of San Francisco
  • Dash Navigation
  • Durham Marketing
  • Genencor International
  • Gray, Cary and Ware
  • Imagin & Co
  • Keynote
  • KQED
  • Palo Alto Medical Foundation
  • Rod L. Electronics
  • SF Forty-Niners
  • The Angels Forum
  • Triton Museum
  • Wilson, Sonsoni & Rosati
  • Village Enterprises

Social events bring people together to celebrate life, love, success, and cherished moments.  When your friends and family gather, you want the environment to match the mood.  Whether that’s a baby’s first birthday, the love and commitment of an anniversary, or the pride of a college graduation, you have something to celebrate.  For moments of such value, you want to create a memory that will never be forgotten.  How do you do that?

AVSO Events has produced social events of every type.  We care about you, so we care about your celebration.  We’ll listen to your thoughts, and then we’ll take those ideas and your vision to create exactly what you want.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations, and as you can see from the photos below, we take pride in doing just that.  With AVSO, your social event will be remembered with joy, year after year.


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