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Wedding Day Emergencies Happen – Be Prepared…

It’s your wedding day and yes, you are excited and ready! Everything has been planned, in order and ready to go. However, have you given consideration to wedding mishaps?

Although we don’t want an emergency – they occur sometimes – when you least expect them: at your wedding. From our experience, we have found that it’s best to be prepared for those little annoyances that may pop up!

Whether you put together your own emergency wedding survival kit or you purchase  it, make sure it is easily accessible, and  someone  knows where it’s located.  We suggest these  “Must Haves” in your emergency kit.

Wedding Day Emergency Survial Kit

Minor Health RemediesBridal Party SavesMake-Up EssentialsOutdoor RemediesKeeping Your Energy Up
Pain Relievers
(Excedrin, Ibuprofen, Tyleno)
Safety PinsLip BalmSunscreenHigh Protein Nutrition and Power bars (without sugar)
Allergy Supressants
Dressmaker PinsBlotting PapersInsect Repellant SprayFresh Fruit
Band -Aids and BandagesMending KitLip Stick in Your ShadesTopical OintmentBottled Water
Cough DropsScissorsTweezersSun Glasses
AntacidsMasking TapeHair Pins Hats
TamponsWhite CaulkComb and Fold up Brush
Breath Mints or Breath FreshenerSeltzer WaterSmall Mirror
Individual Packed Wet TowelettesClear Nail PolishStraws
Travel Tooth Brush & PasteFolding FlatsCotton Ball and Swabs
White Hand Towels
Facial Tissues & Deodorant Wipes
Facial Powder
Hand Lotion
Emery Boards

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  1. Joy Hemp said . . .

    Great List. I like being prepared. I will share with my son’s finance. They are getting married in a couple of months.

    Posted May 22, 2012 at 10:42 pm | Permalink
  2. Hiromi said . . .

    Great list!

    Our wedding was in winter and outdoor. And we were expecting scattered showers, so we bought 30 cheap umbrellas.

    Also, if your wedding is outdoor in summer, a cute white parasol would be great for looking cute and blocking the direct sun which is also helpful for photographers in some situations…

    Posted May 22, 2012 at 10:45 pm | Permalink

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