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Photographer Touts the Advantages of a Wedding Planner

[caption id="attachment_500" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption=" Details, details captured by photographer Jasmine Wang"]               Details, details captured by photographer Jasmine Wang[/caption]

On Thursday, March 18, I met with Rhonda Giedt a wedding photographer. I’m always looking for vendors, who love what they do. When I see that they are passionate about what they do, I know that they have their client’s best interest at heart.

During our meeting, I found Rhonda to be very effervescent and  passionate about her work and clients. As we talked, somehow our conversation  gravitated  to the subject of successful weddings and events. Rhonda mentioned that her best weddings were the ones where the bride had a wedding planner.  She said that the difference was noticeable. Where there was a planner involved, the wedding was seamless. Where there wasn’t the guidance of a planner, there seemed to be a disconnect in the flow of the wedding activities.

Rhonda confirmed why it is so important to have a planner by your side. Yes, I know it’s the economy and many couples feel that the services of a planner isn’t in their budget, isn’t necessary, or they want to   plan their special day themselves, fearing that the planner may not respect their vision.

Whatever the reason, I highly recommend  the services of a planner or coordinator. Maybe your budget cannot accommodate the full services of a wedding professional; however there are options.  You may enlist the services of a coordinator to handle the details the month before the wedding, or think about

enlisting the services of a day of coordinator to handle all of the “day of wedding” details.  In any event, it is advantageous for you to have an advocate on your side to take care of the behind the scene activities and intercept mitigate  un-for seeable mishaps that could put a damper on your special day.

[caption id="attachment_504" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption=" More Details.. Jasmine Wang Photography"] More Details.. Jasmine Wang Photography[/caption]