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Monthly Archives: July 2009

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Teaching What I know and Love to do

You never know how much you know until you teach and share your knowledge and experiences with a class of future wedding planners. This has been my fourth class experience teaching wedding planning to hopeful and talented students.  The biggest task in teaching is to calm fears about homework. Everyone who attends the first  class is shocked to learn that this is a real class with lots of homework!  it’s not all about the dress, the ring, the photographer and flowers. It’s about the nuts and bolts of building a solid wedding planning business. Don’t get me wrong, we do have fun; however we focus a lot of attention to the business side of the industry,  The intensive 8/10 week class covers research, mission statements, business plans, marketing/branding and of course fun!!  There is nothing more valuable than to have vendors share their experiences and knowledge with the class. Whether the vendors teach the class for an evening or having a class at the vendors place of business, meeting vendors allows them to gain first hand knowledge from talented  industry professionals.

This last class was my best class. They were the most gracious, sweet and talented group. I wish them lots of success!!