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Monthly Archives: September 2008

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The planner can’t stop planning

As I sit here at the beautiful Highland’s Inn in Carmel Highlands, overlooking the cypress trees and the gray, white capped Pacific Ocean, I’m amazed at the natural beauty and the peaceful environment that the hotel offers. Looking around the very inviting lobby, I notice the arrival of wedding guests, and I wonder who is getting married. It’s a windy, foggy afternoon, and even though the Inn has a beautiful outdoor setting overlooking the pacific, I hope the coordinators will move the ceremony indoors. It’s a bit chilly, even sitting here.

My planner mind starts to wonder. Is the bride – ok? Has she had something to eat? Is her Maid of honor/matron of honor supporting her?  Where is the groom? Is he back from playing a round of golf with his groomsmen? How’s he doing? Does the best man know his responsibilities? What about the bridesmaids? Do they really know their responsibilities? What has the bride and coordinator decided about moving the ceremony indoors? Have all of the vendors made their deliveries? Although, I’m not planning or coordinating the wedding, as I sit here, I find myself mentally asking these questions. I know everything is going to be fine, but I just can’t help my thoughts from wondering…